About Apple iSports

Our mission: we’re for the fans. Our aim is to be the destination of choice for sports and racing fans and our mission is to be the one stop shop for sports engagement.

Apple iSports is an emerging sports and racing betting platform centered around fantastic sports content and delivering daily fantasy games. Looking to the future, we will support eSports, Metaverse applications and much more.

The core team behind Apple iSports has over 4 decades of regulated sports and racing betting experience in Australia and is now brining that to the U.S., complimented by a very strong corporate and finance capability.

Apple iSports bring a fresh focus on racing, including leading edge, AI-driven informatics to empower our customers to make informed and educated selections, along with tight integration between fantasy sports and wagering and creating strong communities around sports.

The Board currently consists of:

  • Joe Martinez, Chairman & CEO: Fortune 500 Executive, Public Company CEO, Venture Capitalist, and Investment Banker (linkedin.com/in/joe-martinez-808649b/)
  • Marino Sussich, Founder and Director: A successful entrepreneur, with a track record of identifying and creating business opportunities and taking them to market (linkedin.com/in/marino-sussich-20722998/)
  • Jeremy Samuel, President: Experienced Business Advisor and Digital Expert, skills revolve around bringing technology, people, capital, and ideas together to create massive value (linkedin.com/in/jeremysamuel)

Apple iSports has offices in Irvine, Ca as well as Darwin and Melbourne in Australia.

We can be reaching in the U.S. on +1 (949) 247-4210 and in Australia on +61 8 8981 4037.