Sports Betting Rules

General Sports Betting Rules

Location All bets are placed and received in the Northern Territory and accordingly, all transactions are formed in the Northern Territory. Closing of markets Bets will be accepted up to the event start time or the actual start time, in the event of a delay, where possible. Apple iSports reserves the right to close a market earlier. If a bet is inadvertently accepted in respect of an event after its start time, the bet shall be deemed to have been made invalidly and will be made void and refunded. Resettlement Apple iSports reserve the right to resettle an event where an error has occurred with the resulting process or the dividends declared. Where the resettlement is carried out 24 hours or more after the initial settlement, customers will be notified. Void Bets If a bet is made void at any time, affected Multi-Bets will be recalculated excluding that leg at the original bet stake. No refund is payable. Results All sports bets shall be settled based on the official declaration of the result of the event as made by the relevant sports governing body on the day of the event. Where a participant is subsequently disqualified or placings amended at a later date, for any reason, the official result as declared on the day will stand. Once the official result has been declared, the result shall not be affected by subsequent protests or amendments to such results. Interim results posted online are indicative only, and bets shall only be resulted based on the official declaration. Abandoned/Postponed and Transferred events If an event is abandoned, transferred to another venue or postponed to another date, single bets are void and wagers will be refunded. Where an event is postponed and rescheduled to take place at the same venue within 48 hours of the originally scheduled start time of the event, all bets stand. All Future Bets stand until the completion of the event s event regardless of the event being abandoned, postponed or transferred from the original date. If the event is cancelled all bets will be refunded. Affected Multi Bets will be recalculated excluding that event or leg. Dead Heats When a dead heat occurs, reduced returns may be awarded to all runners involved in the dead heat. The reduction in returns shall be dependent on the number of participants involved in the dead heat and the number of places paid. For Fixed Odds bets, the reduced return shall be calculated as the face value of the bet divided by the total number of runners involved in the dead heat. Affiliations Apple iSports is not affiliated with any sporting body or regulator. Sport Specific Rules The betting rules detailed in specific sporting rules take precedence over the general sports betting rules in this section. Any sport not specifically included in these rules will have bets settled under the official website for the sports governing body. Market Availability The inclusion of markets in these rules does not mean that any specific market will be available at every event.


Results The medals/podium ceremony is the declared final result and determines the settlement of bets. In the absence of a medals ceremony bets will be settled by the results declared by the organiser/regulator. Abandoned/Postponed and Transferred events If an event is postponed and rescheduled to occur within 24 hours of the original start time, all bets will stand. If it is rescheduled for more than 24 hours later, all single bets are void and wagers refunded while affected MultiBets will be recalculated excluding that event or leg at the original bet stake. No refunds are payable. Medal Tally For events that are part of a larger meeting and medal tally betting is available the final medals table published at the end of the meeting will be used to settle bets on how many medals a country may win. Any subsequent changes to the medals table will not be taken into consideration. Olympic Games For the Olympic Games, all events will be settled on the official IOC results. IAAF meetings For meetings governed by IAAF, the official IAAF results are used for the settling of bets. Other meetings For all other meetings bets will be settled based on the official results published by the organisation regulating the meeting. Group Betting Bets will be settled on the highest finisher in the final of the relevant event and are decided on official results.

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