Free To Play are online games where end-users compile virtual teams of professional players for a particular sport. Having a good mix of skill and chance, Free To Play are regarded as skill games, where users get to show off their skills in a particular sport. For the most part, users play against other users, competing for common prize pools backed up by guarantees.


The majority of sports are now available as Free To Play, such as football (soccer), hockey, tennis, cricket, basketball, baseball and American Football. 


Features Include

Seasonal Fantasy
  • Draft and manage a team for an entire season
  • Real money, play-for-fun and prize competitions
  • Official and user created tournaments
  • Live updates of results and standings
  • Second screen experience to broadcasts
Daily Fantasy
  • Draft a team for a single game week
  • Choose between standard format and revolutionary Pursuit
  • Advanced features like Safety Net, Stacking Penalty, and Late Swap
  • Autocomplete for new users
  • Live updates of results and standings
  • Network or local ring-fenced games
  • Multiple prize distribution options
Player Performance Odds
  • Add new betting type to the sportsbook
  • Based on fantasy points
  • Which player gets the most fantasy points?
  • Duels between players from same or different matches
  • Fantasy points over/under
Player Matchup
  • Combine player duels to get higher odds
  • Minimum four duels, maximum ten
  • All duel winners must be picked correctly
  • Predefined odds ladder for each new duel added
  • Odds for 10 duels: 500
  • Predict championships, events or single gameweeks
  • Choose all, or any 3 modules: groupstage, playoff, bonus questions
  • Free-to-play or real money; open for all or friends only
  • Live updates of results and standings
Real Like Betting
  • Real-time generated betslip based on the user’s team selection
  • Custom number of events and type of odds
  • Easily modified to fit player behaviour
  • New game type
  • There is no budget, but cheaper players will give you bonus points
  • When the tournament starts, the cheapest teams will get the most bonus points and take the lead
  • More expensive teams will try to catch them
  • Captain costs 2x, vice-captain 1.5x
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